Greetings District Rotarians of 6980! On behalf of Rotary International President K. R. "Ravi" Ravindran, 2015-2016, I extend a cordial welcome and express our gratitude to each of you for your continued display of dedicated service to Rotary! Hip, hip, ...!! Hip, hip, ...!! Hip, hip, ...!!

I appreciate and am thankful for this opportunity to serve and lead you during 2015-2016 Rotary year. I wish to commend and congratulate PDG Jo Weber and her District Leadership Team, for such an outstanding year!! Hip, hip,...!! Hip, hip,...!! Hip, hip...!! As she transitions to assume the role of District Foundation Chair, I am thankful to continue to work with her and know that our foundation work is in great hands!!!

Our theme is: Be a gift to the world! It is a thoughtful and appropriate theme for Rotary and for Rotarians all over the world. Our 2015-2016 theme is deeply imbedded in and sincerely connected to President Ravi's Hindu faith, which emphasizes and focuses upon sincere service by giving of one's self, talents, gifts, and resources to uplift, enhance, encourage, strengthen, and aid others! Thus, we are challenged by this theme; it is a call to action, a directive of service, an order to follow, a course to lay down, and a quest to pursue!

So, my fellow Rotarians, I invite you to join me, during this exciting Rotary year, in order that we may begin this noble, sacred, honored journey together. Time is short; it is fleeting already. In fact, it is a precious gift in and of itself; it is ticking away. We have just one year to respond; to act, to serve, and to meet this challenge. This is our time; know that it will not come again. Our opportunity is now; grasp it, so that we can operationalize our theme: Be a gift to the world!

I have faith that you are all up to this challenge! Hip, hip,...! Hip, hip,...! Hip, hip, ...!!! Thank you for your commitment and support!!

AJ Range
District Governor 2015 - 2016
Rotary International District 6980

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